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Yavapai Landscaping Prescott Valley consists of a team dedicated to landscaping. We provide comprehensive landscaping services in Northern Arizona. With over two decades of expertise, we strive for excellence in all areas - high-quality craftsmanship, safety standards, and efficiency. Our certified experts can design and install higher-value elements like water features, artificial turf, pavers, or Firewise crews to create defensible space. We are most excited to make a positive impact on the beauty of your property with our highest level of service, leaving you satisfied that your environment has been well taken care of. Our mission is simple - craft a beautiful yet safe landscape by providing exceptional customer service as one of the most reliable landscaping companies in Northern Arizona. Vision-driven, with compassion and dedication towards our commitment to achieve perfection at every step!

Yavapai Landscaping Prescott Valley is dedicated to transforming residential and commercial outdoor spaces throughout Central and Northern Arizona. Our team of experts is equipped with the skills, experience and safety protocols to tackle any landscaping challenge. We offer a combination of design services and installation crews for artificial grass, pavers, fire safety, grading and erosion control. Our mission is to ensure that each project helps our clients create their perfect outdoor oasis while being mindful of the environment around us. Yavapai Landscaping Prescott Valley's vision is to be the leader in elevating yards with beautiful, sustainable solutions.


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Prescott Valley is a town located in Yavapai County, Arizona, United States, approximately 8 miles (13 km) east of Prescott. According to the 2020 United States Census, Prescott Valley has a population of 46,785 residents. == History == Prescott Valley's Fitzmaurice Ruins contain artifacts from the early Mountain Patayan people who inhabited the area some 1,400 years ago. The Walker Party discovered gold along Lynx Creek in 1863. The Lynx Creek placers went on to produce a recorded 29,000 troy ounces (900 kg) of gold.

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